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What to expect from the AgriTrends Spring Edition

The AgriTrends 2023 Spring Edition looks at the climate forecast for 2023/24, grain and oilseed, livestock, and vegetable markets, high-value export industries, as well as integrating biodiversity into agribusiness and finance decision-making.

While many of the key issues facing the South African agricultural industry, highlighted in our Autumn 2023 Absa AgriTrends, are still at play, upside risks remain. Coupled with the current El Nino weather event, these could affect yields and the quality of various crops over the coming months.

With expert insights into the future of agriculture, we can navigate challenges to build more resilient, sustainable agribusinesses.

Climate Overview for 2023/24

Why weather is front of mind in 2023/24: the ENSO phenomenon.

Extreme weather events recorded in the US, the EU, and China make weather challenges a key risk for global agricultural markets. Locally, the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenon and its impact on South African agriculture is also shaping sentiments.

Grain and Oilseed Markets

Prices have eased since the start of 2023.

Uncertainty in markets remains due to geo-political and weather concerns.

Livestock Markets

Load-shedding has disrupted purchasing patterns in local red meat markets.

Uncertainty in markets remains due to geo-political and weather concerns.

Vegetable Markets

Potatoes and onions the main drivers of vegetable inflation in 2023

Explore the effects of lower supply and an anti-dumping tariff on potato in onion prices since 2022.

High-value Export Industries

Resolving logistical challenges is paramount to support the competitiveness of South African exports.

Although high input and shipping costs have eased and China’s economic reemergence provided a brief boost to markets, local infrastructural and logistical challenges are persisting.

Biodiversity in Agribusiness

Sustainability is about more than just carbon.

Biodiversity supports all economic activities and human well-being, providing critical life-supporting ecosystem services.

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